Jane’s Writing Advice Archive

Jane speaking at the 2011 Writer's Digest Conference

Jane speaking at the 2011 Writer’s Digest Conference

I’ve been offering writing and publishing advice for a long time.

So I thought it might be time to create a handy archive of what’s available online, especially for those who haven’t been following me since the very beginning.

Click here to browse.

If you know of something wonderful I’ve written that isn’t included here—or if you’re looking for something you can’t find—let me know. I’ll try to remedy!


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Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman) has more than 15 years of experience in the book and magazine publishing industry, with expertise in digital media and the future of authorship. She speaks around the world at events such as BookExpo America, Frankfurt Book Fair, and Digital Book World, and has keynoted writing conferences such as The Muse & The Marketplace. She currently teaches digital media and publishing at the University of Virginia. Find out more.
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  1. Jane, you keep surpassing your brilliant self! Thanks for aggregating. I have learned to trust you as a guide to writing and publishing. Most grateful for your work.

  2. Thanks for putting all these together! Some I saw when they originally posted, but a lot of them I’d missed. Great info in there.

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