The End of an Era: Goodbye to There Are No Rules


There Are No Rules

On the last day of April 2008, I launched my first professional blog, There Are No Rules.

Every day since then, I’ve thought about what to tell writers that would be helpful, insightful, and a little bit provocative.

While I will no longer be posting my perspective at No Rules (though the archives will remain with Writer’s Digest), here at, you can still get my perspective—and participate in a conversation with me—on writing, publishing, and the future of media.

One thing’s for sure: I’ll be raising the bar, and offering more challenging content. My goal is still to help writers (as well as all creative media professionals) be knowledgeable, proactive, and better in touch with where it’s all headed—and how to engage, adapt or resist. All options are on the table.

Thanks for visiting me here, and I hope I continue to deserve your time.


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  • Kemari

    Congratulations, Jane, on moving forward. I can’t wait to see where this new site takes you (and those of us along for the ride). 

  • Jane Friedman

    Thanks so much for visiting! I’m feeling optimistic.  :)

  • Marisa Birns

    This is exciting development. Congratulations, Jane, and much good luck. Looking forward to the conversation at your new place.

  • Jane Friedman

    Really appreciate you stopping by.  :)

  • Mary J. Wooley

    Glad you’re still in business.  Just packed up and moved over here, eh?  Looks nice.  First floor, you won’t have to take the stairs anymore.  Will be easy to find again, so, yep, I’ll be seeing you here.  

  • Jane Friedman

    You got it! Thanks so much for following the breadcrumb trail!

  • Tricia Sanders

    Sad to see you go from No Rules, but woot woot that you’re going to continue over here.  Definitely following.

  • Dawn Herring

    I look forward to what you share here on your personal website. I find your content to be so insightful and encouraging. Plus your interviews are always intriguing. 
    I hope the very best for you and a bright future in all your endeavors!

    Be refreshed,

  • Jane Friedman

    Yay! Thank you.

  • Jane Friedman

    Much appreciation. Hope to better serve in this environment.

  • Texanne Kelly

    If this is good for you, Jane, then I’m all for it.  Onward!

  • Dan Blank

    Yay Jane! Raising the bar… you mean it goes even higher? 

  • Jane Friedman

    Absolutely! Onward & upward!

  • Jane Friedman

    LOL! You and I will be raising the bar together. I owe you an e-mail.  :)

  • Lynne Spreen

    Jane, isn’t it weird how long ago 2008 seems! I am so accustomed to your wonderful blog that it seemed like it represented normal life, that thing we expect to last forever. Best wishes in whatever you choose to do. You deserve the very best.
    Your bud from the Ohio Editors’ Intensive, October 2008 (I think!)
    Lynne Spreen

  • Donquig41

    Change is a healthy thing. You know I will continue to follow your excellent advice and insight.

  • virtualDavis

    Godspeed, Jane. We’re coming with you wherever you decide to voice your ideas, answer questions, nurture and challenge and push your flock. Onward and upward! :-)

  • Jane Friedman

    Thanks so much, Lynne. Appreciate the kind words!

  • Jane Friedman

    Thanks, Don.  :)  My gratitude!

  • Jane Friedman

    Your support means a lot to me! Thank you, George.

  • Jonathan Gunson

    I’ll comment when Twitter lets me :)

  • Jonathan Gunson

    OK. Congratulations on the big pivot Jane!  Wondering … did they have, you know, thing like telephones back in 2008?

  • Jane Friedman

    Ha! Unfortunately, they did, which is too bad, because I hate using the phone.

  • dirtywhitecandy Roz Morris

    Welcome to your new online home, Jane – like what you’ve done with the place.

  • Theresa Milstein

    I’m going to miss your blog, though I’m glad to know you’ll tackle the same subjects here.  

  • Jane Friedman

    Thank you! Grateful for your visit!

  • Jane Friedman

    Yes! I think you may even like this place better.  :)

  • Tom Bentley

    Jane, your voice is always good, always timely, always provocative. Looking forward to its evolution here. (And big thanks for all you’ve done before.)

  • Jane Friedman

    :) Many thanks.

  • Jane Friedman

    Appreciate you visiting here. A pleasure to keep serving!  :)

  • Dave Malone

    I concur with Dan…if the bar goes much higher, many of us may need to be fitted with new pole vaulting equipment…excited about following your journey here and your unmatched advice and wisdom.

  • Jane Friedman

    LOL! I shall look into the production of pole vaults as excellent future giveaways for my readers.

  • Kelli Kozak

    Devoured “Rules” and am hungry for more!  Will be following.

  • Nancy Jill Thames

    Thank you for helping fledgling writers like myself. I’m having to start at square one learning to write and am amazed that people buy my books! Feed me insights, mama bird.  Nancy Jill Thames, Author Murder in Half Moon Bay, The Ghost Orchid Murder, From the Clutches of Evil

  • Jane Friedman

    Yay! Thanks for joining.

  • Jane Friedman

    A pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Rita Ashley

    The queen is dead, long live the queen.  Best of luck on this new venture. Your voice is important.

  • Victoriaryan

    I can’t say enough good things about you, Jane. I think the numbers that follow you say it all. Thank you for all you do for us.

  • Jane Friedman

    Thanks for coming by, Victoria.  :)

  • Patricia V Davis

    Finally–the corner office, with a window and your name on the door. Very well deserved. 

  • Jane Friedman

    LOL! Both literally and metaphorically, too, now that I’m at the university. Thanks, Patricia.

  • Robert Brewer

    I’m happy for you, Jane, but I’m bummed about the loss of great, new posts for my newsletter. :)

  • Jane Friedman

    One day, you’ll have a newsletter of your own, then we can trade newsletter links. :)