I try to respond to all of the messages I receive, especially well-crafted and thoughtful e-mails. To increase your chances of a response:

  • Keep your message short; I don’t need as much background info as you think.
  • Short paragraphs work better than 1 long paragraph.
  • Make it clear what you want me to do; be specific with your question or request.
  • Be reasonable with your request. If it takes me 2 minutes to respond, I will. If your message asks me to “take a look at [my book, start-up company, website] and tell me what you think,” I won’t, unless you want to hire me.
  • These tips are taken from: How to Get a Busy Person to Respond to Your E-mails by Mattan Griffel, who has written the best post I’ve seen on the matter. (Except: I would strike the last five paragraphs.)

I often ignore publicity pitches because they don’t reflect a good understanding of what gets posted on this site. For example, I never write book reviews, so don’t ask. However, I love to excerpt books on writing and publishing, especially if I’m choosing the excerpt.

Professional Consulting

I occasionally consult with authors, businesses, and nonprofits; click here for more information. While I am not currently accepting any editing projects, you can find recommended editors on my resources page.

One-on-One Appointments

I offer scheduled (paid) video chats via Google Helpouts. If you want specific and personal advice on whatever publishing challenges you face, this is the best way to get my help.

General advice—or the kind you get for free

If you’re looking for free assistance on writing and publishing, try the following:

Want to write a guest post?

Check the guest post archives to get an idea of what type of guests and guest posts I typically accept. I rarely accept guest posts from people or businesses outside of the writing and publishing community, and I am extremely picky.

If you want help on pitching a guest post, try this advice from Copyblogger, or this advice from Problogger. Both methods are acceptable.

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