Being an Author vs. Running a Business as an Author


Is there a difference between being an author versus running a business as an author? In this interview with Joanna Penn, we discuss some of the important shifts that happen when you begin treating your writing (and/or your art) also as your business.

We also cover:

  • The trade-offs that can make full-time writing possible
  • The business models that writers are using these days
  • The commonalities of authors making over $100,000 per year
  • Understanding the profit and loss statement for your book

Joanna offers up our interview in three ways:

I’m grateful to Joanna for inviting me as a guest on her series, and hope you find some useful takeaways in our discussion.

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  • LisaRivero

    Two of my favorite writing bloggers together in one place! Thanks for a terrific interview. My favorite part: “When you realize that you have to start saying no, I think that’s a major turning point for a lot of people…” (Jane). I’m right there, at the beginning of the turning point, and it feels just scary enough for me to know it’s right.

  • A.R. Williams

    Regarding royalties for multi author books:

    Since most authors who self-publish probably already have an account set up with their banking information, it seems the retailers could set up a split payment option that would automatically divide payments.

    The book could have a special log in screen where everyone contributing to the project could enter their information. The screen would only show that author their account information, but it could allow for a “Do you have the right to publish this material” during the publishing process that all the authors would be able to agree to.

  • Abiola Abrams

    Great conversation. Thank you!

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  • Jim Kukral

    Excellent stuff!

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