short term campaigns

How to Run Short-Term Social Media Campaigns

A short-term marketing campaign is a series of strategies designed to reach a goal in a defined period of time, and include projects such as book launches. A short-term campaign has four definite phases: planning, pre-launch, launch, and follow-through.

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Should You Pay for a Publicist?

Author Dorit Sasson discusses the services publicists offer and whether you should opt to contract for a publicist’s services for your book.

Dana Kaye

5 On: Dana Kaye

Publicist Dana Kaye discusses why not to pretend to be a publicist, the question of gender bias in publishing and publicity, marketing mistakes and misconceptions, and more.

What Should Authors Blog About?

The chain of events goes something like this: An author’s book nears its publication date (or perhaps the author is attempting to secure a traditional book deal). She knows she needs to market and promote the book and/or build a platform. She finds (or hears) advice that blogging is a good way to accomplish #1. She wonders: What […]

BookExpo America (BEA)

Authors: Don’t Pay Money for BEA Book Promotion

Update I wrote the following post as a warning to self-published authors who may fall prey to scams that take advantage of the highly recognized industry trade show, BookExpo America (BEA). I want to emphasize that BEA itself is not involved in author scams of any kind. Quite the opposite. According to BEA events director […]

Jane Knows

How Should You Spend Your Book Marketing Budget?

Author Brad Swift asks the following: I have a number of fiction and nonfiction books now available through Amazon as Kindle editions and POD hard copies (through CreateSpace). The selection can be viewed on my Author’s Page. I’m now wondering if I were to raise capital (say through a KickStarter campaign or otherwise) to promote […]