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The Ether Is Moving to ThoughtCatalog.com

Table of Contents “When the industry looks out of the window” Jane Friedman: Porter’s Brain My Fellow Millennials “When the industry looks out of the window” You know me. I’d just amend Tom Chalmers‘ good line this way: When the industry! the industry! stops the internal debate and looks out of the window, it will […]

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A Most Audible Alarm: ACX Chops Royalties

Table of Contents The White Noise of Falling Royalty Rates Ask the Question, Give No Answer Difficult Interpretations: “Not Your Friend” The White Noise of Falling Royalty Rates In Audible Lowers Royalty on Self-Published Audiobooks,  Publishers Weekly announced it this way: Up until now, Amazon was offering an escalating rate of 50%-90% on ACX titles sold exclusively; […]

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Earning the Authors a Say

Much shorter and quicker to go over than the initial report, this edition takes into account information interpreted from approximately 11,000 titles in genre fiction; 900 in literary fiction; 30,000 in non-fiction; and some 10,000 in children’s (not YA) fiction. Hugh Howey has, since the first report, adopted a more frequent use of the term “spider” for the software his still-unnamed associate is deploying.

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Now Arriving at #BEA14: Author Hub – Writing on the Ether

BEA’s Steven Rosato is proving himself as good as his word. If some saw a failure in BEA last year to offer entrepreneurial authors a place at the publishing table like that LBF had provided, Rosato and his team saw the experience as an opportunity to rethink, revise, and renew. The uPublishU Author Hub at BEA is being established as an operational, fully functioning home base for entrepreneurial authors at the heart of BookExpo America.

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Writing on the Ether: Where Publishing Surveys Cannot Go

If we want to count all the self-publishing authors, then we need to survey and count every hapless no-income-from-writing would-be traditionally published author who gets nowhere and ends up at the bar next to me discussing the superb color that Milan puts into Campari.

Our surveys are counting the self-publishing losers.
Our surveys are counting only traditional publishers’ winners.

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Writing on the Ether: Defensive Reading

Table of Contents Notes Defensive Reading “Anything Except Readerly Books” “Print versus Digital” “Where I Get Unhappy” Those Lists Notes (1) As you may know, I’ve begun a weekly feature with The Bookseller in London, “Porter Anderson Meets,” in which I interview a newsmaker each Monday, live on Twitter, and then produce an article from […]