From colleagues

  • “Throughout the year, I listen to a lot of authors, writers, teachers, and publishers talk about the current state of writing and publishing, too often hearing something like: ‘Sure, go ahead and write, but don’t get your hopes up. …’ Jane’s message is very different. … After listening to her explain the current state of publishing, writing, and connecting, you could feel a lively energy buzz around the room, and uplifting of creativity, a juicy excitement about what we are all doing.” Read more from Linda Joy Myers.
  • “Don’t ever underestimate Jane Friedman, former publisher of Writer’s Digest. She is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on the publishing industry, and she just gets smarter and smarter with every passing day. She also understands intuitively and instinctively, when there are rules, when there are no rules, and when people should be conscientious and kind anyway. —Christina Katz
  • “Fortunately for all of us, Friedman is kind, committed, genuinely engaged and fantastically connected. When you need to know who knows? “Ask Jane,” is what you’re told. And she answers. And she’s right. And chances are, she was ahead of both your question and its answer three posts ago in her blog.” [Read more.] —Porter Anderson
  • “Jane has strong opinions and ideas about what publishing is doing and what it should be thinking about. You may or may not agree with all she says, but she is on top of everything that’s happening today, and she does a brilliant job of sharing all her knowledge and experience with those of us struggling to figure it all out. Her posts are not to be missed.” Read more from Becky Levine.

From people who’ve heard me speak

  • “I heard you speak in Kalispell at the Flathead River Writers’ Conference, where you provided such great information. It’s helped me tremendously in publicizing my first book, which came out last September. Since then, I’ve been subscribing to your blog and to Writer Unboxed. My first mystery series will debut from Berkley next year, and I know the launch will be smarter and more successful because of the information and insights I’ve gained as a result.” —Leslie Budewitz
  • “Jane Friedman is all genius. No joke. And not only publishing-smart, but savvy-smart. And generous-smart. … She deliver[ed] what was easily the most organized, efficiently delivered and content-rich presentation that I attended all weekend. … Friedman illuminated the dark nooks and crannies of today’s publishing world while empowering a capacity audience of aspiring writers to chart their own course. … I realized why she’d already had such a profound impact on me. Her blog and webinar are the closest I’ve come to having a writing mentor since college, half a lifetime ago!” —George Davis
  • “[The social media panel], coupled with the transmedia one I’ll talk about tomorrow, are easily the two most influential I’ve attended.” That’s one writer’s take on two panels I moderated at AWP 2011 (featuring more than 380 panels!). Read more.
  • “Every writer should hear you speak about the publishing industry. You were fabulous.” —Hyla Molander
  • “I wasn’t disappointed on any anticipated outcomes AND I got a lot more on some areas that I kind of wrote off unknowingly. You were very impressive. Your ability to hear the question behind the question showed that you understood what we thought/wanted and you gave diplomatic and useful answers, the kind that provoked positive and progressive action.” —Lisa Arnopp

From my students and my online readers

  • [Regarding my online webinars] “I have heard you speak, and you are terrific. Your pronunciation is clear, and you are not too fast, but go at a nice pace. Believe me—some I have had to listen to three times to understand the most important points. Thank you.” —Barbara Loos
  • [Your latest post] is golden. Your four points make absolute sense, are simple in the clear way you’ve presented them, and I know they’re going to help immensely in my book marketing—actually they already have, as in the past ten minutes I’ve already begun work on implementing them. So thank you so much. This was probably the best advice I’ve read on making it in the book business all year.” —Michael Stutz
  • Regarding my online webinars: “I was not disappointed. Or bored. And no, you won’t get the same stuff browsing the Internet. I won’t give away any of her secrets because you can go to her blogwebsite, and Twitter where she generously shares her knowledge of writing and publishing. But you won’t get a bag full of tools all packed up and ready to go like you will on her webinar. Jane’s presentation was chock full of professional advice: the do’s and don’ts of what to put on a website, how to develop ‘social currency’ and analyzing your traffic. I actually understand Google Analytics a bit better now.”
    Rahma Krambo
  • “It’s worth getting a Twitter account just to follow [Jane]. You’ll soon see why she has built a rabid tribe. She’s smart, ahead of the rapidly evolving book industry curve, witty—and generous. One of the things I like most about social media is that it teaches the golden rule better than any priest or parent. Jane herself gives away many of her best ideas, and she offers her readers the present of her presence. She answers questions and encourages others online.” —Shirley Hershey Showalter
  • “Any time people talk about publishing, I want to know what Jane Friedman thinks. Great perspective and insights.” —Will Entrekin
  • “Few things have inspired me more this year than Jane Friedman’s blog, There Are No Rules. I appreciate the outreach to the field that springs directly from her love of books and publishing and her fascination with the changes happening at warp speed to the business end of books. She is observant and no-nonsense and not without a sense of humor. Also, she likes cats.” —Tina Hoggatt
  • “I have a fantastic writing mentor in Jane Friedman, one of the top editors at the Writer’s Digest empire. She’s always posting a lot of great, free advice for writers all over the Web. I found this fantastic article on why netting and platforming is so important to do BEFORE you finish your first book.” —Lynne Spreen
  • “I love Jane Friedman. She gives great advice without being preachy or condescending.” —Anjanette Morton

From authors

  • “She knows all there is to know about the publishing industry, about marketing, and she cares about each writer she meets or discovers.” Read more from Mary L. Tabor
  • “If you read just one of Jane Friedman’s joyful and knowledgeable posts on social media and new technology, you’ll open yourself up to a world of glorious possibilities for promoting your work.” —Patricia V. Davis, best-selling author, editor-in-chief of Harlots Sauce Radio
  • “Jane eats, breathes, and focuses almost all her waking hours on the publishing industry. She attends conferences, talks to agents, meets with authors, teaches classes, reads prolifically. She’s sitting in a place of ‘knowing’ since she leads a team of acquisitions editors.  She and I have become friends, and I respect what she says so much.” Read more from Debra Marrs.