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5 Free Services That Help You Build Author Platform

Today’s guest post is by Matthew Turner (@turndog_million). You may remember him from a previous post, 100 Tips to Alleviate Self-Doubt. If there’s one word that fits perfectly with an author, it’s FREE. Here are five free services that can help build your author platform. 1. Twitter Let’s get this one out of the way. It [...]

Building Your First Website: Resource List

When writers ask me what the most important thing they should be doing to further their career—aside from write—it’s almost always start your own website. Even if you don’t consider yourself a tech person, services have advanced to the point where an average person can establish a site without knowing code, and without hiring professional [...]

EXTRA ETHER: Who Owns Your Tweets?

Currently sponsored by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez and his chapbook HANDMADE MEMORIES: POEMS & ESSAYS, 1997–2011 from from Free Verse Media, Writing on the Ether is a collection of news and perspectives on publishing. It is written by journalist and critic Porter Anderson for Jane Friedman and it appears at each Thursday. Sponsorship opportunities are available and offer generous promotion.

The Stephen King Guide to Marketing

Today’s guest post is by Jason Kong. You may remember him from an earlier guest post here at Are You Making This Marketing Mistake? How does a writer become successful? Here’s one simple formula: Write something someone values. Get that something in front of that someone. Put another way, you need both good writing [...]