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Writing on the Ether

Table of Contents Post-DoJ: Pundits over the edge From TOC Bologna: The kids’ market Post-DoJ: Pushing and shoving Speaking for Amazon: Larry Kirshbaum Post-DoJ: DRM dreams Post-DoJ: But could no-DRM benefit Amazon? The Pulitzer’s shame: Patchett and Corrigan Industry in collapse: The strain is showing ‘Social’ media: Patently decent Blogging: How to make a correction […]

Writing & Publishing Terminology 101

Today I’m revisiting a few of the basics of getting published. (There are always people new to the writing and publishing community who need the info!) If you like this post, definitely check out Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published. What are submission guidelines? Also called writers guidelines, submission guidelines are instructions from […]

The Basics of DIY E-Book Publishing

In the latest issue of Writer’s Digest to hit the newsstands (May/June 2012), you’ll find my feature article on “The Basics of DIY E-Book Publishing.” Here’s a brief excerpt where I discuss what you need to consider before you e-publish: Even though e-books are skyrocketing in adoption, ask these questions before you begin: • Do your […]

Freelance Success Is About Process, Not Personality

The following interview with Peter Bowerman is excerpted from How They Did It by Diana Bocco, a collection of Q&A with 25 writers on how they earn a living through their writing. Peter Bowerman is well known in the writing world for earning a six-figure income from his writing for more than a decade. He’s the author […]