The Best Literary Fiction Blogs & Websites


Automat / Edward Hopper

Automat / Edward Hopper

Earlier this fall, I was asked for a list of the best blogs and websites focused on literary fiction and culture. While I knew of a few, I put the question to my social network, and was able to curate the following list.

If I’ve missed any sites that deserve consideration, please let me know your favorites in the comments, and I’ll consider expanding the list. (Note: I have deliberately excluded well-known traditional media, e.g., Publishers Weekly, New York Times, etc.)

Best Literary Fiction Blogs & Websites

  • Bookslut. One of the oldest and best places to find out about new books and literary news, by Jessa Crispin. Twitter: @thebookslut
  • Bonus #2: If you love literary culture AND mass media: The Awl
Add your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.