Twitter: One Size Does Not Fit All


Last month, I was a speaker at PodCamp Cincinnati, where I presented two sessions. Above you can view the slidepack from one of my sessions, “Twitter: One Size Does Not Fit All.”
If you’d like to hear the full audio of my presentation, you can get that too! Click here or use widget below. Be aware this is completely unedited audio.

Twitter: One Size Does Not Fit All by Jane Friedman

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  • Glenda Parker

    Thank you for this post. It really helped me as I didn’t know much about twitter. I learned a lot.

    Glenda Parker

  • Hope

    Fascinating! And when it’s no longer middle of the night, and my insomnia is past, I am going to listen to your podcast to better understand the slides.  

    Thanks for all your advice.

  • Jane Friedman

    Appreciate you taking time to comment!

  • Jane Friedman

    Thanks, Hope!

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