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What Advertising Can Teach a Children’s Writer

Today’s guest post is from Gerry Renert, a three-time EMMY nominated kid’s writer, who has recently become a published children’s book author. I never thought I’d end up writing children’s books, especially when my first paying writing job was creating print ads to convince upper-crusters they needed a certain brand of scotch to announce their […]

Writing on the Ether

C’mon baby, light my Kindle Fire. And watch out for sparks from certain NOOKs in crannied marketplaces. Beware bald guys bearing 3Gifts. Silk, Bezosense, and smell that? It’s the lighter fluid of Android aspirationals yearning to be treed like iPads for Christmas. It’s beginning to look a lot like Amazon.   [blackbirdpie id=”119057323443486720″]   “One […]

The No. 1 Ability of The Empowered Author

There are many qualities of successful authors. But I think empowered authors have one ability that makes them more dynamic, effective, and desirable to potential publishing partners. It’s an ability to directly connect with an audience. This Thursday, I’m teaching an online class about how to find and develop your readership. The more you’re able to […]

Where to Find Free Market Listings

Note: I last updated this post in May 2014. Most writers are aware of Writer’s Market, the annual directory and online database that offers more than 8,000 listings of where you can get your writing published. It costs $39.99/year to subscribe online. There are also many free resources are available. Here are the best free sites that I’m […]

E-Book Marketing 101

In case you missed it, my monthly column at Writer Unboxed was posted yesterday: A Checklist for Marketing Your E-Book. Here’s a snippet: Knowing how to effectively market your e-book can be a challenge if you don’t have any formal education or professional experience in sales and marketing. Plus, these days, the default strategy seems […]

Using an Agent to Get on Kindle

I’ve been keeping an eye on John Carpenter and his book project ever since we first started having conversations on Twitter last summer. He’s a knowledgeable, savvy writer with a professional career in college admissions. His goal this past year has been to find a home for his book, Going Geek. Going Geek is a […]