Monthly Archives: August 2010

Reading Notebook #21: I Am Fleeting and Intangible

From The Way of Zen by Alan Watts (which I find myself re-reading and re-reading for fuller comprehension): We learn, very thoroughly though far less explicitly, to identify ourselves with an equally conventional view of “myself.” For the conventional “self” or “person” is composed mainly of a history consisting of selected memories, and beginning from the [...]

Reading Notebook #20: Humanness Is Superior to Righteousness

From The Way of Zen by Alan Watts: It was a basic Confucian principle that “it is man who makes truth great, not truth which makes man great.” For this reason, “humanness” or “human-heartedness” was always felt to be superior to “righteousness,” since man himself is greater than any idea which he may invent. There are [...]

The Day of My Divorce

When my husband and I divorced, we went the DIY route. He ordered legal templates from a website, filled in the blanks, and sent it to the court. A date was set, and we agreed to meet at the courthouse for our appointment with the judge. Technically, we filed for dissolution, but in any event, [...]

Nothing Lasts Forever

In the same way countries have anthems, my life has an anthem. I discovered it my junior year at the Indiana Academy, where I lived 4 hours away from home at the age of fifteen. I’d never been more happy. It’s where I had my first e-mail account and participated in sensationalized group arguments—where we competed [...]