Monthly Archives: July 2010

I Distrust Too-Happy People

I may get myself into trouble with this one. But I’ve always been suspicious of happy people. I do NOT mean these people: People who are generally cheerful and fun to be around People who look for the opportunity or advantage in situations that don’t go their way People who love and accept who they […]

Reading Notebook #18: There’s More Bad Writing Than Ever

From an interview with Clay Shirky over at the Barnes and Noble Review: I’ve always adopted the Bill Burroughs mantra, which is, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” Which is to say that if there is any intrinsic value in writing or expressing yourself or taking a photo, it’s worth doing […]

Reading Notebook #17: Technology Brings Author Empowerment—Yet A New Struggle to Surpass Average

As I was reading Chapter 4 of Here Comes Everybody, I was struck at how Shirky’s description of the power law applies to authors who self-publish—since there is NO barrier now to do so: Any system described by a power law, where mean, median, and mode are so different, has several curious effects. The first […]

Do Pain and Struggle Constitute a Fundamental Part of Love?

Artwork by Tonia Davenport—from her wonderful series “B&W and Red All Over” A while back, I read this relationship break-up anecdote at Galleycat, from a poetry-devoted reader: The book was a collection of love poems by William Carlos Williams. The poem was “Asphodel, that Greeny Flower.” And the specific line of the poem over which we […]