Monthly Archives: February 2010

A Philosophy of (Non) Gift-Giving

Gift giving creates a lot of anxiety in our lives. Or maybe just in mine. I hate the obligation and second-guessing that surrounds birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and invented special occasions. This goes for friends, family, colleagues, and romantic partners. I don’t like receiving gifts. I don’t like shopping for them. On rare occasions, I [...]

The Comfort of Mourning Doves

Since returning from San Francisco last week, I’ve been enjoying the presence of two mourning doves outside my apartment. There are few trees where I live in Over the Rhine (downtown Cincinnati), so I’m surprised that any birds are nesting nearby. But this cute monogamous pair seems like they’ve settled in for the season since [...]

Reading Notebook #8: Another Secret to Success Is Confidence

From “Beyond the Elevator Speech” by Michael Carroll, Shambhala Sun (March 2010) My survey indicates that most of us think we want to be happy, successful, and stress-free at work, but we also know that such aspirations are wishful thinking. We all know that work offers both success and failure; happiness and angst. We know that work, [...]

What Are Your Most Romantic Moments?

Rainbow Over the Ohio River (Cincinnati) I have been categorized by best friends—as well as by significant others—as “not romantic.” I’m always surprised when someone makes this observation, because (of course) I find myself to be ridiculously, if silently, romantic. But not overtly, girly romantic. Romance feels like a combination of perception/perspective, theory, and individuality. [...]