Monthly Archives: January 2010

Why People Stay at (or Leave) Their Jobs

No talented person stays at a company for a paycheck or a sense of security. Talented people stay because they feel happy, challenged, and—most importantly—valued by their superiors. The #1 important factor for any employee is a belief that senior management is interested in his/her well-being. The basic human need to feel part of something [...]

How I Lost My Vegetarian Life

My family likes to tease me that when I was very young, I would order T-bone steaks, clean my plate, then help finish someone else’s ribeye while also enjoying a baked potato topped with a pound of butter. I didn’t like vegetables then, and when my mother tried to force me to eat broccoli, I [...]

Bog Myrtle Beer & Irish Coffee Recipes

Upon arrival at the Irish farm in Kilgarvan, a bottle of homemade bog myrtle beer was waiting in the kitchen, as a welcoming gift. Apparently, bog myrtle leaves were used to flavor beer before hops became popular in Britain, and they are still used as a flavoring agent in Swedish spirits. (Bog myrtle leaves pictured [...]